Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the look of the locations table?
Edit the plugin’s stylesheet, mstw-gl-styles.css, located in game-locations/css. It is short, simple, and well documented. A Display Settings admin screen provides control of a few elements, especially the map thumbnails in the table. (See the Other Notes section.)

I don’t really like Google Maps. Can I use other mapping service?
Yes. The custom URL field is provided for that purpose. An entry in that field will override the location’s address information. The user will be directed to the link in the custom URL field. For example, this field can be used in the rare event that an address is too new for Google Maps, or to provide MapQuest maps in place of Google maps, or to spruce up the Google maps to show driving directions from a particular point and the route outline on the map.

I use names for locations that sometimes aren’t recognized by Google. What should I do?
Use the custom URL field, then the title will display but won’t be used in the Google address.

Is this plugin ready for translation?
Yes. As of version 1.1. Contact me if you would like help creating a translation in your language. (A bug preventing translation was fixed in version 1.2.)