Game Location

There are several fields on the Add/Edit Game screens that control the logic and display of a game’s location. Perhaps the simplest way is to add each team’s home location to the Game Locations plugin database, add opponents to the Teams DB, then select each opponent using the “Select Opponent” pull-down list. No other location entries are required; Game Schedules takes care of the rest based on the Display Settings. However to allow for neutral site games (where someone is still the “home team”) and to support backward compatibility, the following entries for a game’s location are available.

Game Location from Game Locations Plugin

This field is available only if the Game Locations plugin is active. If available, it is the easiest way to enter ‘neutral site’ game locations into a schedule. First, enter the game’s location into the Game Locations plugin. Then select the location from the drop-down list provided. The selected location will appear in the game schedules shortcode and widget as well as in the countdown timer shortcode and widget. A link to the Google map to the address or the venue location in the Game Locations plugin will be added automatically based on the Display Settings. Note that for backwards compatibility the Game Location and the Game Location Link fields described below will override these fields if they are present.

Game Location Data Entry

Game Location

Simply the name of the game location, school, stadium, or venue. This was the only field available prior to version 2.0. If present, it overrides the locations specified by the Game Locations from Plugin field. (See above.)

Game Location Link

A custom URL that will be attached as a link to the Game Location name in both the game schedule tables and countdown timers. There is minimal error checking of the URL’s format, so test to ensure that the URL is properly formed and correct. Note that if this field is present it will be attached to locations selected from the Game Locations plugin, overriding the default Google map link.