League Standings 1.0

Pete CarrollThe MSTW League Standings plugin manages standings tables for multiple leagues including the fields used for most major sports (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey). Standings tables are highly configurable. Each column (field) may be hidden and each column may be re-labeled, so fields can be re-purposed for various uses. Site defaults may be set in the Admin Display Settings page but they can be over-ridden by [shortcode] arguments for each individual table.

The following features enhance the plugin’s usability on both the front and back ends:

  • Unlimited Number of Teams and Leagues – may be created. Historical (final) results can be saved.
  • Highly configurable standings tables – plugin settings allow an adminstrator to set defaults for a site. But each standings table may configured to show/hide individual columns (fields) and their headings. So data fields may be re-purposed for various uses.
  • Standings may be sorted and ordered by win percentage (which is automatically calculated), points, or rank.
  • “Teams” may be displayed as team name, team mascot, or both. (A “team” may be repurposed to be a driver, for example.)
  • Plugin Stylesheet – allows an administrator to style standings tables displays via one simple, well-documented CSS stylesheet (css/mstw-ls-style.css).
  • Internationalization – the plugin is fully internationalized. I am always happy to help translators.

Check out the League Standings plugin at The MSTW Development Site.

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