Importing Games from CSV Files

This page provides information, defaults, tips, and tricks for the allowable columns (data fields) in MSTW League Manager Games import files. The order of the fields is unimportant and many columns can be omitted. You might want to look at the sample CSV template while reading this page.

game_home_team & game_away_team
The home and away team SLUGS of existing teams in the database. If team names are provided, they will be converted to slugs, (that hopefully matches an existing entry in the teams database).

The game title is for administrator convenience; it does not appear on the front end. If not is provided, one will be created from the team names.

This slug will created from the game title if it is not provided.

Will default to today’s date (the day the CSV file is imported).

game_time & game_is_tba
The game time will default to the current time, if none is provided and the game is not TBA (game_is_tba is blank or 0)

This field is not required. It is only used when a game is at a neutral site, then it is the game location SLUG, from an existing location in the venues database. If a venue name is provided, it will be converted to a slug (and hopefully match an existing entry in the venues database).

game_media & game_media_link
The title (text) and the link (url) to a game ‘media’ page. For example, it could be a link to a Sports Illustrated article, a local newspaper article, or a YouTube video. The game_media text is only used in TABLES. All other shortcodes display a video icon (which and be changed) if the game_media_link is present.

game_nonleague, game_is_conference, game_is_division
These fields are 1 if true, and 0 or blank otherwise.

game_home_score & game_away_score
The game’s final score, or the score of a game in progress.

game_curr_period & game_time_remaining
Period and time remaining for a game in progress.

1 if the game is final, 0 or blank otherwise.

For future use.