CSS Styling of Front End Displays

The plugin provides flexibility in styling the front-end displays (from shortcodes) via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The League Manager Addons use the MSTW League Manager’s stylesheet, /css/mstw-lm-styles.css, which should not be modified. Please read more on how to make stylesheet modifications on the League Manager plugin’s man page.

Since SCOREBOARDS are not part of the base MSTW League Manager plugin, a base stylesheet is provided in /css/mstw-scoreboard-styles.css. This stylesheet should not be modified. If you do, your changes will be wiped out whenever the plugin is updated. A better option is add your customizations to a stylesheet named mstw-lm-custom-styles.css, and save it in your theme’s home directory. If such a stylesheet exists, it will be loaded AFTER the plugin’s stylesheet, therefore its selectors and rules will over-ride the plugin stylesheet. The best method is to create a child theme, and add this stylesheet there. Then updating your site’s theme will not wipe out your customizations in your child theme.

Generally speaking, each top level slider or scoreboard contains a tag like:

<div class="mstw-scoreboard-container mstw-scoreboard-container_league-slug">


<div class="lms-slider-container lm-team-slider" id="lms-slider-container_league-slug">

The front end displays can be styled using selectors based on that tag. Styling examples may be found on the MSTW plugin dev site. It’s not hard to figure out what’s needed by inspecting those examples. Additional support styling displays and integrating the plugin with particular themes (most issues are CSS issues) is provided as part of the plugin’s annual support, so contact me and I’ll be happy to help you out.