The MSTW League Manager Add-ons plugin may be purchased from the MSTW Store on the Shoal Summit Solutions website. After purchasing the software, you will receive a site login, if you don’t already have one. Go back to the MSTW Store and select the My Downloads menu item, and download the latest version as a .zip file. (The mechanics of the download are browser dependent.) Then

  • Go to your site’s WordPress dashboard -> Plugins.
  • If a version on MSTW League Manager plugin is installed on your site, deactivate and delete it. None of your data should be lost, but it’s always wise to have a backup your site before making changes.
  • Click on Upload Plugin.
  • Find .zip file you downloaded (the filename will be something like, select it or drag it onto the WordPress admin screen, and click Install Now.
  • After the installation completes, click Activate Plugin.