Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the plugin called “League Standings”? Can I use it for individual standings, say for racing, or chess?
Sure. The software doesn’t know or care that the entries are “teams”. The references are to “league standings”, only because that was original purpose of the plugin. You can hide the columns you don’t need, re-purpose data fields, and be creative. For example, you could label “Team” column as “Driver”, you might enter the driver’s first name in the “Name” field and the driver’s last name in the “Mascot” field, and you might display both “Name” and “Mascot” (or First Last).

Can I set up separate league standings for different teams and/or different seasons?
Yes. A unique taxonomy tag defines each league. It is the primary argument the shortcode. For all practical purposes, you can set up many leagues and teams as you want.

I live in Split, Croatia (or wherever). Does the plugin support other languages?
The plugin supports localization/internationalization. Translation files are located in the /lang directory. Learn how to create them using poedit on the WordPress site.

How do I change the look (text colors, background colors, etc.) of the league standings [shortcode] table and widget?
In this version you have to edit the plugin’s stylesheet, mstw-ls-styles.css. It is located in the league-standings/css directory. It is short, simple, and well documented. In the future, I may provide options for commonly changed styles on the admin page, similar to what’s now available in Team Rosters, depending on demand.

Can I display more than one standings table on a single page by using multiple shortcodes?

Is there a League Standings widget?
Not now. If there is sufficient need, one can be provided in a future release. Let me know.