League Standings Table [Shortcode]

The League Standings table shortcode is:

[mstw_ls_table league_id=league-slug]

The league_id argument is REQUIRED. Nothing will display without it. Many other arguments are available to control the table as discussed below.

The League Standings Table layout is controlled by the plugin’s Display Settings and by the [mstw_ls_table] shortcode’s arguments. The default settings for all standings tables on a site may be set on the plugin’s Display Settings page. The [shortcode] arguments for individual tables override the plugin’s default Display Settings. So each standings table may have a unique format.

The arguments are available for use with the [mstw_ls_table] shortcode and their defaults are listed below. In all the ‘show’ arguments, 1 means show the data field or column and 0 means hide it. Remember that the data columns are very flexible, so the descriptions only indicate the intent for the field or column. For example, one could use the “Goals For” field to show the highest salary on each team in the league simply by relabeling it appropriately and entering the team’s highest salary in that field. Or maybe the “Rank” field could be used to show Draft Order. Sample standings tables and their arguments follow at the end of this page.

$defaults = array(
‘order_by’                              => ‘percent’,  //Order the table by: percent|rank|points
‘team_format’                        => ‘team’,      //Display teams by: team|mascot|both
‘show_rank’                            => 0,
‘rank_label’                             => ‘Rank’,  //Whatever ranking a sport uses
‘show_games_played’        => 0,
‘games_played_label’        => ‘GP’,
‘show_wins’                            => 1,
‘wins_label’                             => ‘W’,
‘show_losses’                          => 1,
‘losses_label’                          => ‘L’,
‘show_ties’                              => 1,
‘ties_label’                              => ‘T’,
‘show_other’                         => 0,
‘other_label’                          => ‘OTW’,      //Overtime Wins (Hockey)
‘show_percent’                    => 1,
‘percent_label’                     => ‘Percent’,  //Win percentage (calculated)
‘show_points’                       => 0,
‘points_label’                        => ‘PTS’,
‘show_games_behind’       => 0,
‘games_behind_label’        => ‘GB’,
‘show_goals_for’                   => 0,
‘goals_for_label’                  => ‘GF’,
‘show_goals_against’         => 0,
‘goals_against_label’          => ‘GA’,
‘show_goals_diff’                 => 0,
‘goals_diff_label’                 => ‘GD’,
‘show_last_10’                     => 0,
‘last_10_label’                     => ‘L10’,  //Record in last 10 games
‘show_last_5’                       => 0,
‘last_5_label’                       => ‘L5’,  //Record in last 5 games
‘show_streak’                      => 0,
‘streak_label’                       => ‘Streak’,  //Current win or loss streak
‘show_home’                       => 0,
‘home_label’                        => ‘Home’,  //Home record
‘show_away’                        => 0,
‘away_label’                         => ‘Away’,  //Away or Road record
‘show_division’                  => 0,
‘division_label’                   => ‘Div’,  //Division record
‘show_conference’            => 0,
‘conference_label’            => ‘Conf’,  //Conference record

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