MSTW League Manager 1.1 Now Available!

MSTW League Manager version 1.1 is now available on Check it out in action on the MSTW Dev site.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and code cleanup items, the primary changes are:

  • Added a Next Game field to the Standings Tables
  • Standings Table - Next Game Column

  • Added links from standings table fields: Team Name to Team URL or Team Schedule, and Next Game to Single Game Page.
  • Added links from schedules table, team schedule table, and schedule gallery fields: Team Name to Team URL or Team Schedule, Location(Venue) to Venue URL or Google Map, and Game Time/Result to Single Game page.
  • Added [mstw_location_table] shortcode
  • Added venue groups to the venues(locations) admin screen and to the above shortcode. (This feature will be much more important a few releases down the line, when automatic scheduling will be introduced.)
  • Venue Shortcode

  • Added a show_home_away argument to the mstw_team_schedule shortcode, and .home-game and .away-game class tags to the team schedule tables. Combined, these two additions provide flexibility in displaying home games in a team schedule as shown below.
  • Team Schedule - Home Game Settings