MSTW Schedules & Scoreboard v1.3

Single Game SliderVersion 1.3 of the Schedules & Scoreboards plugin was released today. It is largely a maintenance build, but it also provides a cool new feature for users/admins who write custom CSS rules for their site, and better control of home game styling.

  • The CSS stylesheet loading logic changed, so customizations can be loaded from a file separate from the plugin’s /css/mstw-ss-styles.css stylesheet. So your site’s custom styles can be stored separately from the plugin’s stylesheet, simplifying the plugin upgrade process. Learn how to utilize this new feature here.
  • Added CSS elements for home games to all widgets & shortcodes, which provide improved ability to customize the display of home games.
  • Schedule sliders displaying only one game now “slide” correctly. Fixed bug in the related JavaScript.
  • Added four team color settings on the Edit Team admin screen, which will be used in the next release of Team Rosters. (More to follow on this one.)
  • The Settings link on the Plugins screen now links to the correct location.
  • Removed some annoying PHP notices from the CDT widget. Please let me know if you come across PHP notices or warnings in the plugin.
  • HEY, wait a minute! I thought you were working on a really cool new Team Rosters release? Yup, I sure am. I reached the point where I needed to add the team color data fields, so I fixed the other issues ‘on the list’ while I was in there. Team Rosters is moving along with lots of cool new features, not to mention maybe one bug fix :). I’m still shooting for an early summer release. Look for a progress update in the next week or two.