New Video Tutorials

Installing MSTW League Manager Add-ons

MSTW Premium Plugins are now easier to update because recent versions of the plugins are always available on the website under Store -> My Plugins. This video shows how to get the premium plugins without digging out the link in your purchase confirmation e-mail.

Overtime Game Management with League Manager

Prior to Version 2.10, the only way to accurately display standings tables was to manually update a league’s records. This video shows a few tricks that may come in handy.

Overtime Game Management with League Manager Add-ons

Prior to Version 2.10, there was no way to indicate that a game was an overtime game, so the Auto-fill standings feature in MSTW League Manager Add-ons could accurately compute points in standings. Now you can specify overtime games, but there are still some subtleties. Should overtime wins be shown simply as wins? Or should they be shown in as overtime wins? What about overtime loses? This video shows how to deal with some of these issues.

League Manager Admin Roles

MSTW Admin Roles for team, school, and league admins were introduced in League Manager Add-ons version 2.9, and improved in version 2.10. This video shows how these roles are set up so the site maintenance responsibilities can be distributed across trusted users.

Head-to-Head Results as a Tiebreaker

Head-to-head results can not be selected as a tie-breaker in the Standings Settings, because three and four way head-to-head tiebreakers become pretty gnarly pretty quickly. However, this video discusses some ways to create head-to-head tiebreakers.

Venue Groups

Venue groups have been round for a long time. This video shows how they provide the potential for better organization and display of venues.