Schedule Slider Shortcode [mstw_gs_slider]

The Game Schedules slider shortcode is:

[mstw_gs_slider sched=schedule-slug]

The sched argument is REQUIRED. Nothing will display without it. Many other arguments are available to control the table as discussed below.

The schedule slider shortcode supports the display of schedule slider as shown below and on the MSTW Development Site.

Sample Schedule Slider

To use the shortcode, one argument is critical SCHED='schedule-slug'. You may combine multiple schedules on the same slider by adding schedule slugs separated by commas. For example, SCHED='schedule-1,schedule-2,schedule-3'Note: use the the schedule ID or slug, NOT the schedule title or name. Many other arguments are available to customize individual schedule sliders as listed with their defaults below. Some of these settings/arguments overlap with the schedule tables, others do not.

//default schedule table shortcode arguments
'sched' => 1, // This is used for cdt & slider shortcodes too
'first_dtg' => '1970:01:01 00:00:00', // first php dtg Argument must be entered in this format.
'last_dtg' => '2038:01:19 00:00:00', // last php dtg (roughly) Argument must be entered in this format.
'games_to_show' => -1, // -1 shows all games.
// This is for the tables. Sliders default to 3 games.

//default slider shortcode arguments for the slider header bar
'title' => 'Schedule',
'link_label' => '',
'link' =>'',

//the slider does not display field labels
'show_date' => 1,
// 1 (to show) | 0 (to hide)
'show_location' => 1,
'show_time' => 1,
'show_media' => 3,
// 1|2|3|[blank to show none]

// name & location formats
'slider_opponent_format' => 'full-name',
// full-name|short-name|full-name-mascot|short-name-mascot
'show_slider_logos' => 'name-only',
'venue_format' => 'city-name-state',
'venue_link_format' => 'no-link',

// Date & Time Formats
'slider_date_format' => 'Y-m-d', //2013-04-07
'custom_slider_date_format' => '', //Must set slider_date_format='custom' to use this argument.
'slider_time_format' => 'H:i', //08:30 or 20:30
'custom_slider_time_format' => '', //Must set slider_time_format='custom' to use this argument.

There is no schedule slider widget.