Schedules & Scoreboards v1.2 Now Available

Version 1.2 of MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards introduces three new features:

Scoreboard Ticker. The scoreboard ticker format is a slider intended for use at the top of your site’s pages.

Scoreboard Ticker

Scoreboard Settings. A robust set of layout and color settings is now available for both the scoreboard gallery and ticker formats. The plugin’s stylesheet may also be edited to customize these views.

Import “human-readable” CSV files. The initial import capability was based on the MSTW CSV Exporter format for game schedules. The exporter generates UNIX timestamps for game dates and times. [Computers like that format; most humans, not so much.] The schedule importer now also recognizes game dates and times as human-readable strings, for example, “20141230 15:27“.

The users manual is being updated, and additional Gold Support tutorials and code snippets are in the works. Please report any bugs to the forums or the Gold Support Forums.