Add/Edit Venue

The admin screen shown below provides the ability to add or edit game venues. The fields are described below the image.

Edit Venue Screen

Title. The post title will be displayed as the name of the venue. There is not a separate data field for this purpose.

Address, City, State, Zip. These fields are used to create the Google map for the venue. Enter the venue’s address. Use the 2 letter abbreviation for US states or the country code outside the US. Use either the US Zip Code or the country’s postal code. Suggestions: Find the venue in Google Maps, then enter that data in the appropriate fields.

Custom Map URL. If you prefer to use another mapping system, or the venue is not found on Google Maps, enter the URL to the appropriate venue in the desired mapping system. This link will be on the map icon in the venues table.

Venue URL. A URL of your choice linked of the venue name in the table. Normally a URL to the venue’s web site or the team’s web site.

Venue Group Metabox. Use this metabox to add the venue to one or more venue groups. This box works like the normal WordPress post categories metabox. To create a new venue group, simply type the name into the box and click Add. To edit or delete the venue groups, go to the All Venues screen from the Venues menu item, and click on any entry in the Venue Groups column.