Change Log


  • Added a scoreboard ‘ticker’ shortcode – a slider of games & scores intended for the top of pages.
  • Added a Scoreboard Settings tab to the plugin’s Settings admin screen.
  • Added CSV Import support for hand-entered schedules using man-readable game dates & times.
  • All data tables EXCEPT SCHEDULES generate default slugs from titles if slug column is omitted.
  • Updated the default .pot file with some new strings.


  • Added Sports to the CSV import function.
  • Added Venue Groups (taxonomy) to Venues import and Scoreboards (taxonomy) to Games import.
  • Removed ‘invalid referer’ message when deleting (move to Trash) or restoring schedules, teams, games, sports, and venues.
  • Removed extraneous debug message from admin screens when importing CSV files.
  • Added Sports to the CSV import function.
  • Added internationalization to some strings and re-generated the default .pot file


  • Initial release.