CSV File Formats

Several sample CSV format files are available in the plugin’s /csv-examples directory. Data for schedules, teams, venues, and games can be exported with the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin. Sports can also be exported, but they are not currently used on the front end. Scoreboards cannot be exported in this release.

The MSTW CSV Exporter outputs data in “computer-friendly” formats. All the slugs, which provide links across data tables, are preserved. Game dates and times are exported as “Unix timestamps”, which are seconds since 1/1/1970.

If you are creating a schedule in Excel for import into the plugin, you can ignore many of the slugs (or not) and enter the game dates and times in “human-friendly” format, “12/7/2014 13:05“. By the way, simple Excel formulas allow conversion between the human and computer formats.

Finally, please note that the column titles ARE VERY IMPORTANT; they have to be exactly as in the examples. Also, Mac Excel users MUST SAVE the CSV files in MS-DOS FORMAT, which is slightly different than Mac/Unix CSV format.