Team Rosters Plugin Now Available

The first version of the Team Rosters plugin is now available on WordPress. The Team Rosters plugin creates a custom post type (player), installs an editor for this post type, and provides a shortcode to display rosters as simple html tables. Players are assigned to team rosters using a custom taxonomy for teams. The plugin supports as many players and team rosters as you need.

A shortcode adds team rosters to your site in three tabular formats – high school, college, and pro. A custom ‘single-player’ view displays individual players in a ‘player bio’ format. To use this feature, a custom template (single-player.php) needs to be copied into your theme’s directory.

The look of roster tables and player bios can be customized using the plugin’s settings or by editing the plugin’s stylesheet. The admin screen’s settings over-ride the stylesheet.

The plugin is currently being enhanced to support a ‘gallery view’ of a team and to upload teams from CSV formatted files. The goal is to have these enhancements in place before the end of 2012.