Team Rosters Update

Team Rosters version 4.0 is on schedule for a late spring release. This update has a few front end enhancements, but the focus is on ‘admin issues’, specifically integration other MSTW plugins and increased customization options.

I am making the following tutorials available to the MSTW mailing list as pre-release peek at version 4.0. They are a bit long, so you may want to read the text, save the email, and come back to the videos when you are upgrading to Team Rosters version 4.0. They will also be available to Gold Support Members on the Support -> Tutorials page.

Customizing Team Colors

There are three ways to customize the colors in the Team Rosters v4.0 plugin: the colors tab on the Settings admin page, writing custom CSS rules where the stylesheet can now be in the theme/child theme directory, and a new setting to automatically set the table colors from the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards teams database.

Customizing Team Logos

There are three ways to customize the team logos (and default images when no player photo is found) in Team Rosters v4.0: use the logos in the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards database, set the default logos in the plugin’s /images/default-images/ directory, or set the default logos in the theme or child theme’s /mstw-team-rosters-images/ directory (which you create).

Customizing the Single Player & Player Gallery Templates

The default Single Player and Player Gallery templates are located in the plugin’s /theme-templates/ directory. Usually, only some CSS modifications are required to make these templates “fit” in a theme. Occasionally, these templates require code modifications to meet a sites requirements. In version 4.0, the plugin’s default templates never need to be modified. Rather, one should create custom templates in the theme’s (or child theme’s) main directory. By doing so, the customizations are not overwritten when a plugin update is loaded. If a child theme is used, they are not overwritten by a theme update either.