Welcome To The New ShoalSummitSolutions.com

ShoalSummitSolutions.com has been redesigned to better support users of the MSTW framework and plugins. All previous features remain available, although perhaps re-organized in the new navigation system. In particular, the MSTW users manuals, which greatly expand on the MSTW plugins’ ‘readme’ files, are readily available and constantly improving. New features have been added to improve the overall support to MSTW users and provide increased personal support to MSTW users. In particular, a new Gold Support option provides the following features:

  • A private support forum allows users to ask questions and share answers and other information with the MSTW community. Most of us are all building sports websites, and have a tremendous amount to share with each other about both WordPress, best practices in sports team websites, and other valuable plugins for sports sites.
  • A (growing) library of video and text tutorials, which address basic operations and common ‘sticking points’, as well as advanced topics.
  • A (growing) library of code snippets provides customizable solutions to common challenges.

What’s the difference between the “Gold Support” forum on this site and what’s available on WordPress.org?
The plugins’ “readme” files will provide complete information, including installation instructions and FAQs, but there is the assumption that you know your way around WordPress themes, plugins, PHP, and CSS. Bugs may be reported and questions can still be asked in the WP plugin forums. However, if you’d like some help on theme integration (other than Twentyeleven in which the MSTW plugins are tested) or CSS issues, that will now be through this site’s Gold Support forums. Also, the response time on the Gold Support forums will not exceed 48 hours, usually less than 24, depending on timezone differences. The plugin tutorials and code snippets will only be available through Gold Support.