MSTW Coaching Staffs Plugin Users Manual

Coaching Staffs Plugin Overview

This plugin is designed to handle some challenges unique to high school coaching staffs, where coaches often coach two (or more) teams in different roles. For example, one coach can be the Head Coach of the Junior Varsity team and the Offensive Line coach for the Varsity team. That coach can be shown as the first coach on the JV … Continue reading

Change Log & Upgrade Notices

Upgrade Notice Please read the following notes carefully before upgrading to this release: When upgrading the existing coaches data will not be deleted. Any changes to the plugin stylesheet (css/mstw-cs-style.css)*will* be overwritten, so if you have customized that file you will want to save it before upgrading. Any changes to the templates will be overwritten, so if you have customized … Continue reading

Coaching Staffs Table [shortcode]

The Coaching Staffs shortcode is [mstw-cs-table staff=staff-slug]. The staff argument is REQUIRED. Nothing will display without it. Many other arguments are available to control the table as discussed below. The Coaching Staff Table layout is controlled by two factors in the following order: the [mstw-cs-table] shortcode arguments, or if not specified, the global default settings in the plugin’s Display Settings … Continue reading

Data Entry

Five admin screens support data entry: All Coaches, Add New Coach, All Staff Positions, Add New Staff Positions, and Staffs. Edit Coach and Edit Staff Position are the same screens as the respective Add New screens, with the existing data displayed. Each screen is described below. Staffs Screen The Staffs screen is used to enter data into the custom Staffs … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the look (text colors, background colors, etc.) of the coaching staff tables, the coaches gallery, and/or the single coach profile page? In this version, you can use the Display Settings admin screen (screenshot-9) to style the table and single coach views or you can always do so by editing the plugin’s stylesheet (/css/mstw-cs-styles.css) and/or the single-coach.php … Continue reading


Basic installation the¬†AUTOMATED¬†way: Go to the Plugins->Installed plugins page in WordPress Admin. Click on Add New. Search for Coaching Staffs. Click Install Now. Activate the plugin. Use the new MSTW Coaching Staffs menu to create and manage your coaches, staffs, and staff positions. Use the Display Settings admin page to configure the plugin, shortcode, and single player page. Basic installation … Continue reading

Single Coach Profile and Coaches Gallery Pages

These pages have proven to be the hardest for plugin users to get working properly. Careful attention to this page, the plugin’s Installation page, and the WordPress Support Forums should help you out (a lot). For those who are more knowledgeable in some technical details of WordPress, “coach” is simply a custom post type, and `single-coach.php` is just the template … Continue reading

Styling the Plugin’s Displays

More or less complete control of the graphic design of the coaching staff tables, the single coach’s profile pages, and the coaches gallery pages may be obtained by editing the plugin’s style sheet /css/mstw-cs-styles.css. Depending on your theme, it may also be necessary to edit the single-coach.php and taxonomy-staffs.php templates to get everything to ‘fit’ just right. Out of the … Continue reading