X Game Locations Plugin (Replaced with MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards) Users Manual

Game Locations Plugin Overview

The MSTW Game Locations plugin provides a table of locations with automatic links to a Google map for each one and custom links to maps or sports venues. Display settings provide control of link behavior and display of table columns. Tables may be styled by modifying the plugin’s stylesheet, /css/mstw-gl-styles.css.

Add/Edit Location

The following admin screens provide the ability to add or edit game locations. The fields are described briefly below. Post Title. The post title will be displayed as the name of the location or venue. There is not a separate data field for this purpose. Address, City, State, Zip. These fields are used to create the Google map for the … Continue reading

Change Log

1.2 Completed internationalized the admin pages. The default .po and .mo files have been updated and are in the /lang directory. A new “Venue URL” data field was added. It provides a link the the location/venue’s web page, NOT MAP, from the venue name, NOT MAP ICON, in the shortcode table. Added the (now standard) display settings to show/hide table … Continue reading

Display Settings

The Game Locations table layout is controlled by the plugin’s Display Settings and by the [shortcode]‘s arguments. The default settings for all game locations tables on a site may be set on the plugin’s Display Settings page. The [shortcode] arguments for individual tables override the plugin’s default Display Settings. So each locations table may have a unique format. The Game … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the look of the locations table? Edit the plugin’s stylesheet, mstw-gl-styles.css, located in game-locations/css. It is short, simple, and well documented. A Display Settings admin screen provides control of a few elements, especially the map thumbnails in the table. (See the Other Notes section.) I don’t really like Google Maps. Can I use other mapping service? … Continue reading

Game Locations Shortcode [mstw_gl_table]

The game locations shortcode supports the display of a table of game locations as shown below and on the MSTW Development Site. No arguments are required to use the shortcode [mstw_gl_table] will do it. However, a number of arguments may be added as listed below. default location table shortcode arguments: 'gl_instructions'=> 'Click on map to view driving directions.', 'show_instructions' => … Continue reading


The AUTOMATED way: Go to the Plugins->Installed plugins page in WordPress Admin. Click on Add New. Search for Game Locations. Click Install Now. Activate the plugin. Use the new Games menu to create and manage your schedules. The MANUAL way: Copy the entire /mstw-game-locations/ directory into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin. Enter your locations. Place the shortcode [mstw_gl_table] on … Continue reading

Upgrade Notice

The current version of Game Locations has been tested on WP 3.8 with the Twentyeleven theme. If you use older version of WordPress, good luck! If you are using a newer version, please let me know how the plugin works, especially if you encounter problems. Upgrading to this version of Game Locations should not impact any existing locations, however move … Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading