Game Schedules

Lacrosse CelebrationThe Game Schedules plugin has been replaced by the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin. All the features of Game Schedules, plus many more, are available in Schedules & Scoreboards. Game Schedules data can be moved to Schedules & Scoreboards using the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin.

The MSTW Game Schedules plugin manages multiple sports team schedules including: game dates and times, opponents, locations, results, and links to media (print stories or video on games). It features a countdown timer from the current time to then next game or next home game. Shortcodes and widgets are available to display schedule tables, sliders, and countdown timers.

The following features enhance the site user experience:

  • Schedules Slider -displays scheduled games in a slider format
  • Schedules Table – displays full schedules in tabular format
  • Countdown Timer – displays countdown timer to the next game
  • Team Logos – can now be shown on all of the above displays

There are numerous NEW FEATURES in the front and back ends of versions 4.0 & 4.1:

  • New [mstw_gs_slider] shortcode providing a schedule slider [screenshot-8]
  • The ability to display multiple schedule IDs (teams) on the same schedule table or slider.
  • The ability to display team logos on schedule tables and schedule sliders [screenshot-8]
  • Re-purpose data fields via show/hide and re-label display settings. (Similar to what can be done in the other MSTW Plugins.)
  • Supports a complete suite of custom time and date formats via native PHP date format strings
  • Color settings admin screen so that display colors can be controlled without editing CSS files
  • Context sensitive help is available for the display settings admin screen
  • Display NEXT N games from current date in schedule tables (the [mstw_gs_table] shortcode and widget)
  • Display LAST N games from current date in schedule tables (the [mstw_gs_table] shortcode and widget)
  • Filter allowing developers to control user access to the Game Schedules admin menu items
  • Schedule IDs are now selected from a pulldown list, not entered as text

Using the locations (via the Game Locations Plugin), teams, and schedules, an admin can now enter a game, complete with all information, by simply entering a schedule, a date & time, and an opponent … all from pulldown lists! A series of tutorials on the proper way to do this is available for Gold Support members.

The Game Schedules plugin is in use world-wide! See it in action at:

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