Venue Table Shortcode [mstw_venue_table]

The game venues shortcode [mstw_venue_table] supports the display of a table of game venues as shown below.

Game Locations Table

No arguments are required to use the shortcode, however a number are available to control the display as described below. A new argument in MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards 1.0 is venue_group, which allows groups of venues to be displayed (instead of the entire venue database). See the MSTW Development Site for examples of the use of this argument.

default venue table shortcode arguments:

'gl_instructions'     => 'Click on map to view driving directions.',
'show_instructions'   => 1,    //1=show, 0=hide
'Venue_label'	      => 'Venue',
'venue_link'	      => 0,    //1=show, 0=hide
'show_address'	      => 1,    //1=show, 0=hide
'address_label'	      => 'Address',
'show_map'	      => 1,    //1=show, 0=hide
'map_label'	      => 'Map (Click for larger view.)',
'marker_color'	      => 'blue',
'map_icon_width'      => 250,  //pixels
'map_icon_height'     => 75,   //pixels
'venue_group'         => null, //Show all venues in DB