MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium) Users Manual

MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium) Overview & Quick Start

The following is a quick summary of the steps required to get going with Bracket Builder. TOURNAMENTS. Create a tournament on the Tournaments screen. There are a number of parameters can be set for each tournament including: a league from which to select teams (optional), the # of teams (rounds) in the tournament, single|double elimination, scheduling method, and the presence … Continue reading

CSS Styling of Front End Displays

The plugin provides flexibility in styling the front-end displays (from shortcodes) via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The plugin’s stylesheet, /css/mstw-bb-styles.css, provides the default styles, and is an important reference, but it should NOT be modified. Because if it is modified, any changes will be wiped out when the plugin is updated. A better option is add custom CSS to a … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the free and premium versions of the MSTW Bracket Builder? The premium version provides much richer front end displays of brackets and fixture tables, and it automates tournament creation and management. How can I create a 64 team tournament, like for NCAA March Madness? SURE. Create four 16 team tournament brackets, one for each region, and … Continue reading

Hooks & Filters

The following filters are available in version 1.0: mstw_bb_date_formats Filter to add, edit, or delete items from the date formats menu in the plugin’s Settings screen. mstw_bb_home_formats Filter to add, edit, or delete items from the home indicators menu in the plugin’s Settings screen. mstw_bb_tba_formats Filter to add, edit, or delete items from the TBA formats menu in the plugin’s … Continue reading


The premium version of the MSTW Bracket Builder must be installed via the .zip file manual upload method. If you are not familiar with the method described below, a video on how to install the MSTW Bracket Builder Premium Version is available on this site. Download the plugin .zip file, mstw-bracket-builder-premium-[version].zip, using the link on your purchase receipt. Log in … Continue reading

Manage Teams

The MSTW Bracket Builder shares the Teams database with the MSTW League Manager plugin. See the League Manager plugin man page for complete details.


The Settings screen provides some global display settings for labels and formats of the tournament tables [mstw_bb_table] and brackets [mstw_bb_bracket]. These settings apply to all shortcodes. Settings for individual tables and brackets can be set using shortcode arguments. Team Names. Team Name Format: Team names may be displayed as Name, Mascot, Name & Mascot, Short Name, or Hidden (should you … Continue reading


The MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium) plugin supports the following shortcodes: Tournament Brackets [mstw_tourney_bracket tourney='tourney-slug'] generates a tournament ‘bracket’ (or ‘knockout round’) in graphical format as show below. Tournament Game/Fixture Tables [mstw_tourney_table tourney='tourney-slug'] generates a table of tournament games (fixtures) by round as shown below. Shortcode Arguments The one required argument is the tournament SLUG provided as tourney = 'tourney-slug'. Note … Continue reading

Shortcodes – Arguments

Settings defaults are shown below. They may be changed globally, that is, for all shortcodes via the Settings screen. Use the values in the comments to change the settings for specific shortcodes. For example, to change the home indicator to a dagger (†) the game location format to “Stadium(City)”, and the time format to “HH:MM” (e.g., “08:05”): [mstw_bb_bracket star_home='†' location_format='stadium-city' … Continue reading


Use the Tournaments screen shown below to create and manage tournaments. The important fields are described below. It links to the Add/Edit Tournament screen. Add New Tournament. Use this button to create a new tournament via the Add Tournament screen. Search Tournaments. Use this search field and button to search tournaments for a text string. In the screen shot above, … Continue reading

Tournaments – Add/Edit Tournament

The Add/Edit Tournament screen is shown below. The fields are described below it. Tournament Title. The Tournament Title is for backend use only; it does not appear in the shortcodes (on the front end). It simply identifies, and helps organize, the tournaments. Teams (League). If the MSTW League Manager plugin is installed, you can select a league from the dropdown … Continue reading

Update Games

This screen manages both game schedules and results as described in the following paragraphs. Continue reading


The Venues screen provides a view into, and is the gateway to edit the Venues database. Notes on some of the primary fields and actions are listed below, and annotated on the following screenshot. Venue Title. Click the arrow to sort the list. Click it again to reverse the sort order. Venue Name. Click on a venues’s name to edit … Continue reading

Venues – Edit Venue

Use this screen to add or edit game venues. The MSTW Bracket Builder and MSTW League Manager plugins share a database of Venues. So Venues may be added in bulk using the CSV Import screen, which is faster than entering them one-by-one on this screen. The primary data fields and functions on this screen are described below, and annotated on … Continue reading