MSTW Schedule Builder

The MSTW Schedule Builder plugin creates round robin schedules for use in the MSTW League Manager plugin . It uses the data base structures defined in League Manager, and it has no front end displays other than the shortcodes provided by the League Manager plugin. Therefore, the MSTW League Manager plugin must be installed and activated before installing the MSTW Schedule Builder plugin.

How it works …

Begin by creating a league in MSTW League Manager with one or more seasons. The “league” could be an actual league, or it could be a “pseudo-league” consisting of the teams in a tournament. Next add teams to the league. (Remember that a team can be placed in more than one league.) Finally go to the MSTW Schedule Builder screen (shown below) and create a schedule for the league. Several options are available to control the schedule as described in detail on the Schedule Builder screen’s man page.Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

MSTW League Manager

The MSTW League Manager plugin manages multiple sports leagues, each with multiple seasons. A “league” can be a league (like the Premier League or Pac 12) or a round robin tournament. (Tournament brackets are coming soon). Shortcodes are available to display league standings tables, league schedules, and individual team schedules. The font end displays can be formatted via a rich set of display settings. Displays may be further styled via the plugin’s stylesheet. Several examples of each front-end display are available on the MSTW Development and Test Site.

League Standings

The [mstw_league_standings] shortcode displays standings for a single league and season, or for multiple leagues that have the same season.

Standings Table

NHL Pacific Standings

The Settings Admin screen allows the columns of the standings tables to be hidden, re-ordered, and re-labeled BY SPORT. Standings tables for NHL hockey are very different from standings tables for Premiere League soccer, for example.

Settings - Schedule Tables Tab

League Schedules

There are two ways to view league schedules, the [mstw_league_schedule_table] shortcode, and the [mstw_league_schedule_gallery] shortcode. The schedule tables can display schedules for a single league and season, or for multiple leagues that have the same season. The gallery format is a bit less flexible than the table format.

Schedule Table

Schedule Gallery

Again, the Settings Admin screen allows the columns of the schedule tables to be hidden, re-ordered, and re-labeled BY SPORT. Schedule tables can also be somewhat different for different leagues.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online!

Team Schedules

The [mstw_team_schedule] shortcode displays a schedule table for a single league and season.

Team Schedule

MSTW CSV Exporter

The MSTW CSV Exporter plugin exports custom post types from the MSTW Game Schedules and MSTW Game Locations plugins to CSV format files for import into the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin.

Its primary purpose to to support data migration when upgrading from the MSTW Game Locations and MSTW Game Schedules plugins to the new MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin. The old plugins have been integrated into the new plugin which changed the data structures (in the custom post types) to support more robust data migration across sites running the Schedules & Scoreboards plugin.As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.


MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards


The MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin manages multiple sports team schedules and scoreboards. A variety of shortcodes and widgets are available to display schedule tables, schedule sliders, scoreboards, and countdown timers. An extensive set of display settings is available through the admin screens to customize these displays. Displays may be further customized via the plugin’s stylesheet.

MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards replaces (MSTW) Game Schedules and Game Locations plugins. The enhancements and new features include:

Game Status. Data can be entered for games in progress and then displayed in several views.

Scoreboards. A new shortcode supports the display of scoreboards. A scoreboard can contain results for a single game, or a table of related games.Sample Scoreboard

Single Game Page. A new single game page can be linked to schedule tables and sliders. It can be used as both a countdown timer and a scoreboard, depending on the game status.single-game-563x339

Schedule Sliders. Multiple schedule slider shortcodes can now be added to one page. The schedule name can be added above each game tile, so multiple sports can be displayed and identified on the same slider.

Venues. Game Locations(Venues) are integrated into this plugin. Venues can now be organized into groups, and displayed in groups. E.g., Pac-12 Football Stadiums, MLB Baseball Parks, etc.

MSTW Integration. In addition to home locations(venues), team rosters, sports, and coaching staffs can now be linked to teams. (There is currently no built-in functions or displays to leverage these links (other than home venues), but they are coming in future plugin releases.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

Access control. Two new admin roles are defined – MSTW Admin, which has access to the entire family of MSTW plugin admin screens, and MSTW SS Admin, which has access to the schedules and scoreboards admin screens.

Restructured database. To allow admins to move games, schedules, teams, venues, and scoreboards between sites without loss of links between the data tables.

Admin Features. A few cool new admin UI features, like the ability to access the Media Library directly from the Add/Edit Team screen, which eliminates the need to cut and paste logo URLs.

Refactored code. Improved compliance of WordPress standards (so plugin works on hopefully all WP installs). Increased re-use of utility functions across the MSTW family of plugins. Removal of PhP notices and warnings (non-fatal); as many as I could find anyway. Improved support for WP internationalization (text domain of mstw-schedules-scoreboards).

Game Schedules

Lacrosse CelebrationThe Game Schedules plugin has been replaced by the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin. All the features of Game Schedules, plus many more, are available in Schedules & Scoreboards. Game Schedules data can be moved to Schedules & Scoreboards using the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin.

The MSTW Game Schedules plugin manages multiple sports team schedules including: game dates and times, opponents, locations, results, and links to media (print stories or video on games). It features a countdown timer from the current time to then next game or next home game. Shortcodes and widgets are available to display schedule tables, sliders, and countdown timers.

The following features enhance the site user experience:

  • Schedules Slider -displays scheduled games in a slider format
  • Schedules Table – displays full schedules in tabular format
  • Countdown Timer – displays countdown timer to the next game
  • Team Logos – can now be shown on all of the above displays

There are numerous NEW FEATURES in the front and back ends of versions 4.0 & 4.1:

  • New [mstw_gs_slider] shortcode providing a schedule slider [screenshot-8]
  • The ability to display multiple schedule IDs (teams) on the same schedule table or slider.
  • The ability to display team logos on schedule tables and schedule sliders [screenshot-8]
  • Re-purpose data fields via show/hide and re-label display settings. (Similar to what can be done in the other MSTW Plugins.)
  • Supports a complete suite of custom time and date formats via native PHP date format strings
  • Color settings admin screen so that display colors can be controlled without editing CSS files
  • Context sensitive help is available for the display settings admin screen
  • Display NEXT N games from current date in schedule tables (the [mstw_gs_table] shortcode and widget)
  • Display LAST N games from current date in schedule tables (the [mstw_gs_table] shortcode and widget)
  • Filter allowing developers to control user access to the Game Schedules admin menu items
  • Schedule IDs are now selected from a pulldown list, not entered as text

Using the locations (via the Game Locations Plugin), teams, and schedules, an admin can now enter a game, complete with all information, by simply entering a schedule, a date & time, and an opponent … all from pulldown lists! A series of tutorials on the proper way to do this is available for Gold Support members.

The Game Schedules plugin is in use world-wide! See it in action at:

Get the Game Schedules Plugin from
View the Game Schedules Plugin Support Forum on

Game Locations 1.2

California Memorial StadiumThe Game Locations plugin has been replaced by the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin. All the features of Game Locations, plus more, are available in Schedules & Scoreboards. Game Locations data can be moved to Schedules & Scoreboards using the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin.

The MSTW Game Locations plugin creates a table of locations with links to maps for each one. It creates a custom post type, game_locations, installs an editor for this post type, and provides a shortcode, [mstw_gl_table], to display the custom posts.

Use the Add/Edit Game Location screen to enter the Location (as the title), the street address, city, state, and zip. The plug-in builds the link to that location on Google Maps for display through the Game Locations table. The Custom URL field can be used to replace the Google Map generated from the address fields, which is linked from the map thumbnail in the map column.

Game Locations Shortcode Table

NEW in version 1.2 of MSTW Game Locations

  • Completed internationalized the admin pages. The default .po and .mo files have been updated and are in the /lang directory (and are currently being tested with a German translation.
  • A new “Venue URL” data field was added. It provides a link the the location/venue’s web page, NOT MAP, from the venue name, NOT MAP ICON, in the shortcode table.
  • Added the (now standard) display settings to show/hide table columns and related columns/data fields.
  • Map marker color was changed to support only the basic 8 Google Map marker colors. (Don’t ask, just live with it.)
  • Many tweaks were made to suppress PHP Notices & Warnings.

Add/Edit Location Admin Screen

See it in action at:

Get the Game Locations Plugin from
View the Visit the Game Locations Plugin Support Forum on

Team Rosters 3.1.1

Big Ed WhiteThe MSTW Team Rosters plugin manages team rosters and provides shortcodes to display rosters as simple html tables and as “player galleries”. Page templates are provided to offer a single player view and a team “player gallery” view of the roster. The plugin supports as many players and team rosters as needed.

The plugin supports three ‘views’ of team rosters:

  • A [shortcode] allows you to add team rosters to pages (or posts) in six tabular formats.
  • A custom page template (single-player.php) displays an individual player in several different ‘player bio’ format.
  • A [shortcode] and a custom page template (taxomony-teams.php) display a team as a ‘player gallery’.

Please read the Installation Instructions, FAQs, Player Gallery and Single Player Pages and Team Rosters Table Shortcode for how to get these page templates working properly.

The look of roster tables and player bios can be customized using the plugin’s display settings and/or by editing the plugin’s stylesheet (/css/mstw-tr-style.css). The admin settings override the stylesheet rules. So if you choose to edit the stylesheet, you may want to clear all the style related settings on the admin settings screen. See Display Settings and Styling the Plugin’s Displays for complete information.


  • The filter by team feature on the “All Players” admin screen now works (screenshot-1).
  • Configure table columns and data fields to meet your requirements. You can show/hide all columns (except Player Name) and change the header/label of all columns and data fields (screenshot-5).
  • Additional color settings have been provided on the admin settings screen, and the code to apply these settings has been re-factored to improve performance (screenshot-5).
  • The new WordPress Color Selector has been added to the admin settings screen.
  • Additional CSS tags have been added to the display code to allow any team’s rosters to be uniquely styled via the plugin’s stylesheet. This functionality supports websites with multiple teams (leagues or clubs) with multiple colors, as shown on the Shoal Summit Solutions Plugin Development Site.
  • The player name format can now be controlled on the admin setting screen. Several formats are available, perhaps most importantly a first name only format is now available to address privacy concerns with young players (screenshot-5).
  • While the six built-in roster formats remain (high-school, college, pro, baseball-high-school, baseball-college, and baseball-pro), roster and player displays are now highly configurable. Between the admin display settings and the plugin’s stylesheet, you can take (almost) complete control of your roster displays.

The plugin is internationalized and ready for translation. The current translations in the /lang directory now require updating, especially for the extensive additions to the admin screens. I am happy to help translators.

The Team Rosters plugin is in use world-wide with nearly 5000 downloads! See it in action at:

Get the Team Rosters Plugin from
View the Team Rosters Plugin Support Forum on

Coaching Staffs 0.2

Coach Bear BryantThe Coaching Staffs Plugin manages multiple coaching staffs, including photos and bios, in tabular, “gallery”, and single coach profile formats no brand rolex clone.

This plugin is designed to handle some challenges unique to high school coaching staffs, where coaches often coach two (or more) teams in different roles. For example, one coach can be the Head Coach of the Junior Varsity team and the Offensive Line coach for the Varsity team. That coach can be shown as the first coach on the JV staff and somewhere lower on the Varsity staff listings rolex datejust masculino 36mm 126234sso mostrador prateado tom prata.

The look of coaching staff tables, single coach profiles, and coaches galleries can be highly customized using the plugin’s display settings, shortcode arguments, and/or by editing the plugin’s stylesheet (/css/mstw-cs-styles.css). The admin settings override the stylesheet rules. So if you choose to edit the stylesheet, you may want to clear all the stylesheet related settings on the admin settings screen. (And, by the way, the shortcode arguments override the display settings.)

The plugin is internationalized and ready for translation. I am happy to help translators.

Check out the Coaching Staffs plugin at the MSTW Development Site.

Get the Coaching Staffs Plugin from
View the Coaching Staffs Plugin Support Forum on

League Standings 1.0

Pete CarrollThe MSTW League Standings plugin manages standings tables for multiple leagues including the fields used for most major sports (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey). Standings tables are highly configurable. Each column (field) may be hidden and each column may be re-labeled, so fields can be re-purposed for various uses. Site defaults may be set in the Admin Display Settings page but they can be over-ridden by [shortcode] arguments for each individual table.

The following features enhance the plugin’s usability on both the front and back ends:

  • Unlimited Number of Teams and Leagues – may be created. Historical (final) results can be saved.
  • Highly configurable standings tables – plugin settings allow an adminstrator to set defaults for a site. But each standings table may configured to show/hide individual columns (fields) and their headings. So data fields may be re-purposed for various uses.
  • Standings may be sorted and ordered by win percentage (which is automatically calculated), points, or rank.
  • “Teams” may be displayed as team name, team mascot, or both. (A “team” may be repurposed to be a driver, for example.)
  • Plugin Stylesheet – allows an administrator to style standings tables displays via one simple, well-documented CSS stylesheet (css/mstw-ls-style.css).
  • Internationalization – the plugin is fully internationalized. I am always happy to help translators.

Check out the League Standings plugin at The MSTW Development Site.

Get the League Standings Plugin from
View the League Standings Plugin Support Forum on